1. Intro

This manifesto is a tool for bringing together thoughts and ideas I have gathered on my personal ethics and philosophy. They encompass my current outlook in life, from the way I deal with my relationships to the way I create art, and more.

By writing this manifesto, I am creating a simple framework for myself, to help me guide and focus my actions whenever I feel stuck or uncertain.

It is my attempt at striking a balance between The Unknown and my need to create a solid enough stand from where I can further expand into whatever is to become of my life.

As an added nuance, this is a live document that will continue to expand and evolve along with me. Something I can update whenever I find a new insight or understanding that compliments the items on this list.

My hope is that, by the end of this first year of ‘manifestation’, I will have a written record of the knowledge and experiences gained, as well as a track of the changes gone through.

2. What is ‘Stuff’?

<aside> 📖 Stuff, n.

  1. Matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied.

  2. The basic constituents or characteristics of something or someone.



I am a complex living organism that mutates through time.

By making ‘stuff’, I am refusing to encapsulate myself into a single neat category for the sake of simplification.

Instead, I am opening myself to the infinite potentiality of The Unknown.

Stuff is everything I do. It encompasses the multidimensionality of my being. It is Life itself – the ultimate medium.

3. Guidelines

I. I am enough, I have enough.

I am worthy of being loved exactly as I am. My being brings value wherever it goes for the simple act of existing.